Thursday, August 9, 2018

How Time Flies

It's already mid-March -- where did the time go?  Spring flowers are budding and blooming and it's time to rake leaves off of the gardens to uncover the new growth. 

It took me longer than usual to completely recover from my bout with the flu.  Even after I no longer had flu symptoms and thought I was well, I felt weak and tired for weeks and finally went to see my doctor. Lupus?  Thyroid?  Regular blood work all looked to be normal, but a series of specific blood tests revealed that my body was severely deficient in vitamins.We came to the conclusion that the flu had taken a dangerous toll on my immune system.  It has now been a month since I started a new vitamin regimen and I can feel the difference in my energy levels.

Austin-based musician MANDY ROWDEN will be at the Chaparral Retreat & Guesthouse  as part of our Oklahoma House Concert series on Friday, March 23.  We're developing a following of musicians and audience and have two house concerts already scheduled for April and May and one in June and one in July.  Even though we're located in the middle of Nowhere Oklahoma, we have been able to attract quite a few very talented musicians from all around the country.

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