Friday, May 13, 2016

First Annual Arts Scholarship Awarded

As most of our friends know, Andy and I started a charitable and educational 501(c)(3) organization several years ago called PHOENIX CIRCLE FOUNDATION.  Since moving to Oklahoma, we have made this organization's mission to bring art opportunities to the rural area of Blaine County, Oklahoma.  Art classes are not offered as part of the school curriculum in Watonga.  The school system does have a great band program (Andy was the beneficiary of that program when he went to school here... many years ago...).  The goal of our Foundation is to provide opportunities to experience the Arts.  We sponsor and promote educational, charitable, and cultural events and provide programs, materials and resources in a community where not all families can afford art materials, art classes, field trips to museums, or other opportunities to experience the Arts.

 In accomplishing our mission, the Foundation:
·         Promotes education in all areas, including health and wellness, the environment, the arts and humanities;
·         Sponsor and promote educational, charitable, and cultural events and opportunities for children and families.
·         Partners with local public schools, Head Start programs and other social programs by providing materials and resources and sponsoring activities.
·         Raises funds, applies for grants, and distributes monies, resources and programs to further our purpose.

Our Board and supporters firmly believe that the ARTS matter to communities like Watonga by providing            *  Economic Development Opportunities
                          * Well-rounded educational programs for our young people
    *   Preserved heritage and culture
                           * Enhanced quality of life

This year the Foundation was able to award the first annual Arts Scholarship to a high school senior, thanks to the support of community donors.  The $250 scholarship went to Katarina Larson, who intends to continue her education in the field of study of the Arts.   After graduation this month, Ms. Larson will be participating in an internship at LucasFilm’s Industrial Light & Magic Studio in Marin, California. 

A donation to Phoenix Circle Foundation is tax-deductible to individuals and to businesses in accordance with Federal IRS regulations.  Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
Phoenix Circle Foundation continues to strive to work with community partners for the benefit of our young people.  Our goal for 2016 is to establish an Arts Center in Watonga where children and adults can engage in creative activities and enjoy the benefits of the ARTS.  Anyone  can help us achieve our mission by a tax-deductible donation, or by attending our Liquid ART paint parties,  Oklahoma House Concerts, Wood-fired Pizza Dinner fundraisers, and ART for FUNd$  © opportunities.   For More Information, see our Facebook  Pages and “LIKE” us, or call Linda Barrett at 580-623-4269. 

Our 2015  End of Year Annual Report is available at “”. 

© 1/2016 Phoenix Circle Foundation  

Monday, May 2, 2016

First of May

For the past two weekends we've been blessed with visits from old friends and made new friends.  On one of those evenings we were laughing about how I've been called an irritant because I've questioned the status quo in the small town near where we live.  One of my friends commented "Oysters make pearls in response to an irritant," such as a grain of sand or another object, by secreting a substance that in essence covers the irritant. My response was, "Then I guess someday I'll be a pearl".  That moment changed my perspective. Thank you friends for your insight!    

We've had a pretty good spring this year, with no late freezes and sufficient rain.  The gardens began blooming early - that told me it was going to be an early spring. ..... (to be continued)