Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am not working this coming Friday, 4/12/11, and so we will be enjoying libations and snacks on the porch. Anyone who wants to come by is welcome, starting around 5:30 pm. to 7:00 pm. Bring a bottle of wine, wine coolers, or lemonade and join us. We'll have a few things on hand if you can't get by the store to pick up something. We just want to enjoy some fresh air and fellowship with friends!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Temperatures have been nice enough to work out in the yard, and it is a daily job raking leaves off of the flower beds. We are desperately in need of rain. Plants are popping up; irises are about ready to pop open. There are rain storms in eastern Oklahoma, from Tulsa down to the Texas border, but no precipitation on the western side of OKC. Today the wind is scary -- around 50 mph with gusts up to 60 mph, but no rain. I watched a tree in the front yard fall from the strong wind this evening. Fortunately, it wasn't near the house. After several days of temperatures in the 80's, today was only in the 50's. But tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees, and not windy.

A couple I met while working at the Lodge brought me some plants from their garden. They were quite generous with several clematis and other perennials. Carole and David took a couple of sedum from me, and I promised to keep track of the colors of irises that come up in my garden to see if Carol would like some from my garden next year. I was excited to meet someone as interested in gardening as I am. And of course I love to find people to trade plants with. I have been so fortunate to have received several different plants from friends here in Watonga and from my friend Mary back in Dallas. Our grounds are starting to have more color. Now that the quince are finished blooming, I am ready to transplant some of that to other places in the front of the yard.

We had a nice visit from our daughter Blake and her boyfriend Dan. They drove in from North Carolina and spent a few days at the retreat before heading down to Dallas to visit friends there. Skeeter and Killer Kat were not very happy about having another dog, LD, around, but they were good natured about it and tolerated the intruder for the short time she was wish us. KK is getting around much better, though he walks with a crooked back leg, but today he did actually eat regular cat food from his bowl. I never thought I would be one to spoon-feed a cat, but KK is special (even though not too smart -- he likes to lay on the driveway without evening pretending to be aware of the vehicle that ran over him).

We are looking forward to having concerts in the front yard this summer. We already have several weekends booked up, so anyone who wants to come visit should call and reserve a room as soon as you know you can come!