Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We have come through one of the coldest cold spells in Oklahoma history. But now it is warming up -- temperatures this week will his the 50's and maybe even as warm as 60 degrees! It's only mid-January, so we will surely have more cold (I mean below freezing) temperatures at some point. I can only wish for temperatures in the 40's and higher for the rest of the winter. I went to Dallas this past weekend, and it was sunny and in the high 60's. It was green there. It made me eager for the spring here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


"When the sun turns traitor cold, and all the trees are shivering in a naked row, I get the urge for going but I never seem to go." - Joni Mitchell

It is a cold winter! We are having temperatures in the teens and twenties as high temperatures, with no break in the weather forecast for at least the next week. If it were any warmer in Dallas, I would head down there this weekend, but I'm hearing that it is cold there too. I am hopeful that next week we will at least get up above freezing! We haven't had any new snow since Christmas, but a light snow is possible later this week. The grounds are beautiful when covered in snow, but I am eager for spring to arrive and will be happy when I see some bulbs peeking through the blanket of leaves. The paperwhites I planted in the house are blooming. Skeeter doesn't seem to mind the cold and wants to be outside, running around, but he wants me or Andy to play with him outside. With his heavy coat, I think he is more comfortable being outside than in.