Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Party at the Retreat

May  31
Last night we celebrated Jenna’s 25th birthday.  She and Drew planned everything, invited friends, prepared the food.  The weather was chilly in the early morning, but the sun came out and the temperature warmed up.  By early evening it was perfect. The Larsons, Espy’s, Adam & Alison and four children; Sandy R., Lana and Julio, the Brickmans, and Teri and John from Tulsa came over.  Who did I forget?  We played a “guess the celebrity” game that got everyone talking to each other.  The kids went up to the geodesic dome and the henhouse and ran through the woods on trails Andy has cut.  They also played a game Becky brought -- it was nice to see these youngsters enjoying themselves in the outdoors.

Drew grilled chicken satay and vegetables on a skewer; Jenna made a big salad with a variety of greens, beets, herbs and nuts. They also made a tarte and a chocolate torte for dessert. We were entertained by Vernon on guitar.  
We had a couple from OKC stay with us last night.  They were golfing at Roman Nose State Park and were referred to us by the Lodge staff. It turned out that we have mutual friends!