Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Chaparral Retreat on DISCOVER OKLAHOMA TV

December 20.   It's been a hectic week getting ready for Christmas.  Drew and Jenna did a lot of baking before they left for the road trip to Maryland, to spend the holidays with Jenna's family.  Andy has been busy shelling pecans -- we had a bumper crop this year, probably over 60 pounds so far. I've been roasting them with sugar and cinnamon.  I've also made some spicy sweet nuts that came out pretty good. 

Last week our story segment was aired both in OKC and in Tulsa on the Discover Oklahoma TV show.  The film crew were here in October and the weather was still nice.  They did a great job in putting together the segment.... it is on youtube.  If you can't click here and see it, go straight to youtube and type "chaparral retreat" in the search bar. 

We've already had a day of ice and after that melted, a day of light snow.  The temperatures now are in the 30's overnight but in the 50's (barely) during the day when the sun is out.  I can't complain! 

I know I need to keep up better on this blog and have already made that my new year's resolution.  I spend more time on facebook than anything else, promoting things going on around here.  No one else here does anything to promote Watonga as a tourism destination. They will post information on their own fb page for their own singular benefit.  There was recently a fundraiser for the school, but many who don't have children in school didn't know about it. There were no posters around town, nothing on facebook.  Excuse me, there was an ad in the local newspaper.  The local town government, the chamber of commerce, and the in-name-only Main Street organization don't seem to care about tourism and bringing people here.  If they care, they don't know what to do about it and there is no leadership, nor does anyone want to be given ideas.  It's just sad for the entire community.  So I've kind of taken it upon myself to publicize and promote the things we do have going on here -- music shows, fundraisers, whatever people will send me to post on facebook.

So, that's enough of my "negativity" for the day.   What would life be without ups and downs??  We love our place out here, the peace and quiet, and having friends over to share it with.   Skeeter is hanging in there but moving a little slower every day, except at meal time -- then he jumps around like a pup!  Kiki Dee has now been with us for over two years and earns her keep patrolling the garage and the outside when she gets to go out (she doesn't like to be outdoors when the male cats are out there).  This evening I think I'm going to work on the script for my children's play -- I am determined to get it to a friend who has written her own book, by the end of the year!!