Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Rain actually fell on Watonga last night. Northwest OK saw a lot of storms and lightening that passed over all the way to OKC, and we were on the edge of the front so we got a little bit of rain. It has been so dry and windy that even this little bit is really great. And the front also brought the temperatures down to 100 degrees or just below, instead of the 104+ temperatures we've had for over a week.

We had a busy week and weekend at the B&B. We enjoyed a visit from some repeat guests and met some new friends from Kansas. We grilled steaks and had fresh pesto and grilled zucchini from the garden. We drank wine and visited and were able to sit out on the back patio for a short time after dinner. It's really been too hot for much hiking either on our property or out at the Park. It is a struggle right now just keeping our yard and gardens watered and alive. Skeeter wants to stay inside most of the time (in our bedroom), but Killer Kat enjoys time outside, lying in the grass under the shade, hunting and stalking whatever he happens to see.

The Farm & Garden Market has been going well and has grown in the one month it's been in operation. Our vendors seem to be happy with the business and the crowds that come out to get their produce and other products, including cheese from Christian Cheese in Kingfisher. This coming weekend is July 4th weekend and we are expecting a good crowd of visitors. I've arranged for a teenager to be on site to do face-painting on the kids (and any adults who want it!)

The Chamber of Commerce is getting ready to start a monthly coffee day at local businesses. Be sure to check out the website at www.watongachamber.com for information about that and other activities/events coming up in Watonga, including the Cheese Festival in October. We just hope the weather is nice for that event!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Temperatures are in the high 90's. We have had some rain, though, so everything is green and the wildflowers are in full bloom on the sides of the road.

The Farm & Garden Market in Watonga is going well, though we are still looking for additional vendors. The produce in the area is just starting to ripen. We have one vendor with tomatoes and zucchini and broccali and cauliflower and beets. He also cans some great salsa, jellies, and chow chow. We are eating more and more vegetables. I am hoping to sell some seedlings and transplants this coming week, and Andy is making some walking sticks to sell, from cedar cut from trees on our property. I plan on decorating T-shirts for 4th of July.

Last weekend Andy transplanted bermuda sod into our yard from a vacant lot in town. He and a helper worked hard for two days, so we should have a real lawn in a month or so. I made an impromptu old fashioned breakfast of bacon, migas, and toast for the guys and they seemed to enjoy it. Our basil is producing well now, but grasshoppers have destroyed some of our other crops. I may have to put aside the "organic" treatments and drop the A-bomb on the little pests. I'm trying to convince myself that is the way to go, and will probably be ready to do it the next time I walk outside and see all of my beautiful plants eaten down to the nub.

We are eager to host a lawn concert this month -- trying to line up a singer/guitarist for that. I've set up a Facebook page also but haven't been able to get it linked in completely -- right now it's just a shell. I need a computer guru to help me with that!

We've been fortunate lately to have guests at the B&B who have become friends. And to have old friends come visit.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


It is now hot and humid -- temperatures in the high 80's and even 90's. I know -- I am always commenting on the weather, but weather is a major topic in Oklahoma. It is dry again, even though we had a couple of rainstorms in the past few weeks. We had a major hail storm a couple of weeks ago. The house was spared, but our car took a beating. The farmers are harvesting wheat but the trucks aren't very full. Just one of the hazards of wheat farming -- sometimes it's a good year and sometimes the harvest is sparse.

Andy continues to putter around the house and make improvements -- and mowing the property takes up a lot of time. The lawn is greening up. Lots of things are blooming in the gardens. Irises have played out and the daylillies are popping. The rose of sharon trees are putting on buds. I rescued a couple of hibiscus from town and they love their new home -- bright red blooms are abundant. A friend gave me some amaryllis and they are blooming beautifully -- hopefully they will naturalize and spread off the New Mexico room. We have regular visits from hummingbirds on both the front and back feeders. We are really blessed to be able to enjoy this paradise.

We hope to have some live entertainment on the front porch later this month. Check out our website or this blog for dates. We are getting reservations for various weekends through the summer, but still have dates open, especially during the week, so give us a call for reservations as soon as you know when you can come visit the Retreat!