Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PAZ in the country

July 25, 2015
It's been 7 years since we moved here to rural Oklahoma.  Andy and I have worked hard over these years to make his family home a peaceful retreat out in the country, near the Roman Nose State Park. We are finally at the point where we are getting regular visitors and we've expanded our services to include an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven dinner and Oklahoma House Concerts.  This is the first year for both activities and we are drawing people in.  We love visiting with people and we get lots of complimentary reviews on TripAdvisor. 

Over the past five years we've gotten involved with the local town and community of Watonga. Population is around 2600, made up of landowners and farmers and cattlemen and the businesses that support that way of life.  Andy and I have both been on the board of directors of the historic Liberty Theatre and helped with live productions. Originally I worked at one of the local banks and got to meet a lot of people.  Dr. Max and Marjorie Barrett had a stellar reputation in town, having been the town dentist for fifty years during which time he brought in younger dentists who worked with him and set up their own practice.  They were involved with the Kiwanis Club, Board of Education, and the Methodist Church, among other community volunteer organizations.  They set an example that Andy and I hoped to emulate.

Lots of change has happened in Watonga over the years.....