Monday, September 26, 2011


It has been beautiful this past week! We even got some rain. We've struggled all summer to keep the yard and gardens alive. The trees have really taken a beating and we'll probably have a colorless fall, but we just hope the trees survive to regain their strength and beauty next year. We did lose a couple of saplings, and a few branches off of healthy trees but not so much that it is noticeable. The sunsets are still gorgeous as the color filters through the trees.

This past weekend we had friends from Watonga and friends from Tulsa visit, and had a very relaxing weekend. On Friday night, Katey Ballew brought her guitar to the retreat for "happy hour". Other friends stopped by and we sat on the lawn, set out citronella candles as "Stage lights", and listened to her beautiful voice as she entertained us with her musical talents. Magic Jon entertained us too (I won't go into his talent here - this is an all ages blog!). Really, though, I enjoyed the fun and hope everyone else did to. We'd love to have gatherings like this at the Retreat on a somewhat regular basis, so watch for announcements.

We went to the Whirlwind Winery on Saturday afternoon and listened to the Gypsy Kings on CD while sampling some sake wine we recently unpacked. It had to be consumed or thrown away, so we chose to drink it! At least I did. The atmosphere wasn't quite right for sake, and we all decided we'd have to try it again under the right circumstances -- with sushi and edamame and the right serving glasses, and warmed up. I guess I'll have to find the box that my sushi roller and sake cups are in, and pick up some seaweed the next time we are in Oklahoma City!

Andy and John went to the OU/Missouri game on Saturday night and seemed to enjoy it--they had to stay until the last minutes, it was such a good game! Teri and I stayed home, sat on the front porch in rockers and visited, and made a zucchini souffle from a recipe Teri brought. It was really easy, and really delicious. We even ate some of it with our breakfast the next morning (since the guys didn't get any of it the night before) and it went well with that meal.

On Sunday, Roy and Rose Gonzales came for a visit and brought us some copies of Roy's recent CD -- "Mi Soledad"--which is very nice to put on and listen to while rocking on the front porch (and other times too!) We have some for sale at the B&B. We had a nice visit and planned another get-together in November.

Andy and the saxophone quartet practiced in the house while I transplanted some seedlings in the garden. It is so nice to be able to go out and "play in the dirt" again.

I'm looking forward to a busy and fun Fall, with nice weather, the Cheese Festival coming up, and then Halloween! Plan a visit to the Retreat and make your reservations soon, as we are filling up quickly for the fall season!