Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas letter to friends

December 5, 2013
It is a VERY cold and dreary day up here in Oklahoma.  We are expecting the next seven days to be below freezing and we might even get a little dusting of snow. It is a good time to do paperwork and computer work in front of the fireplace.  Andy has cut lots of wood and brought it up close to the house for the season. 

As for this past year, we have had some blessings and not too many difficulties.  I've tried to write on the blog regularly, so scroll down to read posts from throughout the year. My health is good, and Andy is healthy too.  I get a lot of therapy out of writing here and on my other blog,, about things going on here in Watonga. 

 I am now working part-time at our local Methodist Church as church secretary. It happens that our church was appointed a new minister just before our church secretary retired, so we are both new at our jobs.  Pastor Steve is a pleasure to work with; we help each other with learning how the church operates.  I look forward to going to work these days.

We had a beautiful summer up here; the yards looked fabulous all season. We had quite a bit of business and made new friends. Some old friends came to visit too. Andy began building an outdoor oven and we've worked on coming up with a good pizza dough recipe. We are eager to open for business in the spring.

As for the kids -- Blake is currently living in Oregon and likes it there.  Drew is still down in Georgetown, TX and has registered for more classes this past semester after taking a year off from school.  He and Jenna have come up to visit regularly (though not as often as I'd like to see them, of course).   This is the first year that we won't have one or the other child with us for the holidays. 
Skeeter became ill a few months ago and we thought we would have to say goodbye to him, but after a couple of blood transfusions and a regimen of steroids, he has gotten his strength and energy back and he is back to running around the yard again, though he prefers to spend more and more time just lounging at Andy's feet these days.  Kiki the cat is healthy and happy; we've had her for almost two years now. 

So for now I'll say MERRY CHRISTMAS  from us to all of our friends, with a hope that it is a special time of year for you and that you get to spend some special time with friends and family.