Thursday, April 15, 2010


It is finally spring here in NW Oklahoma.
They say that the average date for the last freeze here is April 10-15. Last week we didn't have any freezing temperatures, and so I am hopeful we are finally going to get spring weather. The temperatures last week were very pleasant. Even though it was pretty windy, we had some nice days.

Last week the redbuds broke out in color, the daffodils and jonquils were blooming, and then the creeping phlox bloomed and gave us a blanket of color at ground level. The vinca is blooming and spreading and the varigated vinca is coming up where I transplanted sprigs last year. Tulips given to me by Jana also bloomed. The henbit's green leaves look like the ground is green, and underneath that the grass is starting to green up. Andy has had to mow twice already!

Yesterday, a walk around the property showed me that one of our japanese red leaf maples survived and is putting on leaves. The ajuga has put out spikes of purple flowers. The columbine has buds that should open in the next few days, and I even saw a new baby columbine coming up. I saw mouse ear coreopsis getting ready to put on blooms. The rose of sharon is putting on leaves. I saw two buds on the irises in Marjorie's garden.

I started a new bed at the level of the front row of trees, that will be seen from the road when I get flowering shrubs and plants in it. So far I've only put a row of monkey grass as a border and a lantana at each end. . . .

We hunted for mushrooms on Saturday of Easter weekend, as we had heard from some locals that they had found mushrooms, and the weather conditions were right. Since no one will share their hunting grounds, we had to fend for ourselves and just go tromping through the woods. I got pretty scratched up, but it was a fun outing. We went to two different locations on the South Canadian River. The first trip was a bust, and on the second outing I spied one (1) single mushroom! Unfortunately, the area we were in looked like it had been overrun by armadillo or wild pig, and we didn't find any more mushrooms. But one of our friends from church was generous enough to share their mushroom bounty with us, so we had some morels for Easter dinner. Thanks, Dee and Kevin! Andy went hunting again with a couple of guys the weekend after Easter, but they weren't successful in finding any. Now the season is over, I am told. But I might still go out to our gully and look one last time.

With mushroom hunting season also comes the beginning of snake season -- but the critters are still moving slow, I am told. We just have to be aware and careful when in the woods. I have my trusty stick by the door, to grab when I go out hiking.