Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome To the Chaparall B&B Progress Blog!

Welcome ... I hope to keep in touch and update anyone who is interested in our progress through this blog.

Sunday. . . Weather is nice, sunny, with the temperature around 68 during the day with a mild breeze. We unloaded travertine tile we bought in OKC yesterday. We're doing the bathroom for the Texas room in travertine floor, a beige porcelain tile on the walls, and a mosaic trim around the edges. Andy is going to try his hand at designing and laying out a mosaic roadrunner for the back wall of the shower. He has finished installing the plumbing/water lines and electrical infrastructure in that bathroom and is ready to put up the walls. Hopefully, he can start laying out tile next week.

Blake set up this blog for me, and will teach me how to attach photos soon -- when I'm in the mood to learn it! She also set up a website for the Phoenix Circle Foundation -- check out It's simple but free, since the foundation is nonprofit and we want to keep administrative costs down.

We had visitors last weekend -- John and Terri Lerch from Tulsa. The weather was really fallish and sunny. Andy grilled steaks for dinner and I tried a new recipe for polenta w/mushrooms and gorganzola cheese. This past weekend, my friend Sandi from Coppell came for the weeekend. We grilled salmon and had a bonfire out by the barn on Sunday night. The sky was clear and full of stars.

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