Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6--
We have spring! After several days of rain and chilly temperatures, today is sunny and warm. May be a good day for mushroom hunting, though we've been told by some oldtimers that the "season" may be over. Andy isn't dissuaded -- he intends to go hunting if the temperature gets up to 80 this afternoon.

Irises are blooming all over the property, even deep in the woods where sunlight can penetrate. Today we walked around during my lunch hour and surveyed the land, and spotted a dreamsicle-colored iris deep in the woods, among other purple and brownish/lavender colored irises. The cannas are finally peaking through the dirt -- I had been wondering if they survived the winter, but it looks like they did. I have to keep reminding myself that the seasons here are slightly different than in Texas. April is redbud season. First of May is iris-blooming season. We still need to rake up leaves and chip dead limbs that have fallen from the trees during the early spring rains and winds.

We've ordered tile for the Oklahoma bathroom. Andy has installed pocket doors, all of the plumbing and electrical wiring, and is ready to start laying tile on the floor this coming weekend. We have friends coming to visit in the middle of the month, and Andy's brother Sam and wife Paula are coming sometime over the Memorial Day holiday. Since we are still not "officially open", but have one room ready to experience, we are inviting anyone who wants to come for a visit during the next month (through June) to come stay for free! The construction won't interfere -- Andy won't work on the house while we have visitors. The Lodge at the State Park has not yet re-opened, so I am anticipating a busy summer season once we open "to the public". The weather from here through June should be perfect!