Saturday, September 17, 2016

GLENN ROTH performing tonight

Click on the above link for a sample of some fine guitar work by GLENN ROTH. 
Glenn will be at the Chaparral Retreat (Hwy 8A, 1 mile from Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, OK) for a House Concert this evening, Saturday, Sept. 17, at 6:00 pm. Sponsored by Phoenix Circle Foundation, the concert is FREE; tips are welcome and appreciated. It is BYO beverage, snack, lawnchair or blanket. Come out for a unique experience in rural OK under a canopy of native oak trees.
Glenn is a fingerstyle guitarist, his thumb riding the bassline and the melody driving all. His compositions suggest multiple guitars, but it’s really just one guy, ten flying fingers, one instrument. All instrumental, Glenn’s songs suggest moods and narratives that compel the listener to fill in the details.

Glenn's usual workspace is the vaulted splendor of Grand Central Terminal or the tunnels and platforms of the New York City subway system. A literal “underground” sensation, Glenn is a licensed performer in the MTA’s “Music under New York” program, playing for the most distracted and demanding audience in the world: legions of workers rushing to jobs throughout the Big Apple. And his fingers work magic, creating a soundscape of compelling melodies that invite them to leave the city rush behind on an aural escape.
Glenn plays regularly throughout the northeast and tours nationally & internationally to bring his music to new fans and locales.

The Chaparral Retreat is the ONLY place in Oklahoma Glenn is playing on his current tour. Come out and SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC.  As always, donations to Phoenix Circle Foundation allow us to continue to bring this kind of arts program and more to rural Oklahoma.  Thanks for your support!

[Linda Barrett, Ed.]

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Sept. 5, 2016  Monday  Labor Day

 In spite of this weekend being a traditional "holiday", many have been laboring with end-of-summer chores.  Drew and Jenna and Andy all went out before the break of day to help our local vintners, Brad and Don, and other volunteers to harvest grapes out near Fay OK. They then bring the buckets of grapes to the winery building in town and go through the crush and press process to get the juice for future wines.  It is a wonderful agri-tourism activity, with people coming from Edmond, other suburbs of OKC, and as far away as Dallas to help.  Brad's wife cooks and sets out a wonderful lunch for the workers. They are harvesting again this morning to try to get the last of the grapes off the vine, so it will be another busy day.

There were family reunions and gatherings all during the month of August in the area.  Motels were full, the Lodge and campsites at  Roman Nose  State Park were all filled, and Chaparral Retreat & Guesthouse B&B had a full house.  The weather has been beautiful, especially over Labor Day weekend.  There were more boats on Canton Lake than I have seen out there in several years, and the beach was packed. We took friends out to the Overlook restaurant on the lake -- they serve really good hamburgers and the best onion rings I think I've ever had.

This was a perfect weekend to attract tourists to our area.  Last year I got elected to the board of directors of a state tourism organization, to represent Blaine County,  in the hopes that I could help give Watonga some exposure and let the town "leaders" see how tourism can work for the city as an economic development tool.  After eight years here, I've learned that there are thousands of people who come to our area but less than one percent of them know that there is anything to do in the nearby town or anything other than the State Park.  We are still waiting for the city of Watonga and the Chamber of Commerce to realize this.  Actually Andy and I aren't "waiting" anymore; we've accepted that the town itself isn't really interested in tourism dollars.  So we do what we can to give visitors something to do -- and believe me, there are lots of visitors that come here during the spring, summer, and fall.  Our concert series, called OKLAHOMA HOUSE CONCERTS, has grown this past year and we're becoming known as a unique venue for live musicians from all over the country.  We have so much fun with our guests and one-day visitors and people who come out for the music and art activities.  [I'm going to stop my fall down the rabbit hole now .... ]

 These concerts are  FREE -- we  provide lodging and meals to the artist, and accept donations to the PHOENIX CIRCLE FOUNDATION (a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational nonprofit organization to be able to bring music and arts education programs to rural Oklahoma.  Of course, tips to the musician and CD sales help them as they journey across country to share their talents. 
The evening is BYO Beverage, snacks, lawn chair or blanket.   We guarantee you'll have a special experience.  More information is available on our facebook page or the Retreat's website,  We also promote these events at and on KOSU Community Calendar.

The Blaine County Free Fair was held last the last weekend in August.  Winners in the numerous categories will be in the Watonga Republican.  On a personal note, I won ribbons on two photographs I submitted (below).  I encourage all Blaine County residents to start thinking about what they can contribute to the Blaine County Fair for next year!! 

(c) Linda Barrett 2016

 Merry Ellen Kirk and Ruth Acuff,  Oct. 6, time TBA