Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Wed July 13 finds the temperature right at 100 (instead of 103+ as it has been). We heard thunder last night but didn't get any rain -- it all fell southeast of us in OK City. It is hard keeping the yard alive in spite of watering every day.

We've had guests since July 1 and it's been lots of fun, but exhausting with all the partying! Some friends of Andy's from high school were here so he got to catch up with them and I got to meet some of his school friends. This was the 40th anniversary of the class of 71, and next year is Andy's 40th reunion (class of 72) so we hope to see more of his old friends next spring. THEN Drew and 'Tana and Sandi and Guy came and stayed for several days. Too much fun, too much food, but it was great getting to spend so much time with good friends. We hiked. Drew painted a piece of art on some old masonite. Andy and Guy unpacked boxes and found treasures that have been in the garage for years.

WE ARE READY FOR THE NEXT GROUP OF VISITORS !! Call to make a reservation, as our rooms are filling up fast, even in this heat. One of the best things about the Retreat is that it under a canopy of trees, so there is plenty of shade and breeze. Mornings on the patio are fabulous!