Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beautiful summer weekend

In spite of the humidity, we've had beautiful weather these past couple of days.  The temperature has been in the mid-90's (which isn't bad compared to the past two years of temperatures above 110 at this time!) and we've been able to spend some time outside.  There is a cool breeze that sweeps past us on the front porch as we sit in our rockers and listen to Eric Clapton on the CD player, drinking raspberry lemonade over ice.  That was after an afternoon of driving through town (Watonga) in the Desoto with our guests from Tulsa.  David and Christi were here to hike at Roman Nose State Park in training for a trip to Spain next year to walk the Camino de Santiago. They rose early to have breakfast before hitting the trails at Roman Nose Park. 

Andy spent the morning mowing yards in town.  More and more people are starting to take care of their yards by mowing and clearing away weeds and trash and the town is looking better, though there are still a lot of dilapidated buildings that need to be torn down.  Mowing the weeds and tall grass in the yards of those houses just serves to reveal the blighted condition of the buildings. But in another week the weeds will be grown back up to hide the buildings.  

 In town we stopped at the Whirlwind Winery and introduced them to Brad and Don, proprietors.  I think Christi liked Brad's Wild Sand Plum wine best.  Brad told us that next weekend is harvest day.  Don had brought in some clusters of grapes from the fields to show off, and they were beautiful.  

Our new friends left the Retreat right after a breakfast of rosemary bacon and French toast with cinnamon apples.  Andy and I went to church services and I reflected on how meeting new people and sharing our retreat with them renews my faith that we are where we are supposed to be.  All of the children are back in school, both locally and in college, so most families are back from vacation.  We have a new minister at the Methodist Church and he is full of new enthusiasm, not only for our congregation but also for the community.  I was able to put out of my mind the upcoming battle with the City, if only for a little while. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In last week's issue of the Watonga Republican (Page A4), there is a story about the Swaim girls. We are pleased to announce that they will perform (as Threefold Chord) at this year's Cheese & Wine Festival,  Saturday morning, before the Parade. Don't miss them!! 

Instead of new daily posts about Festival entertainment, I'll be updating this post regularly, so scroll down to find it if it isn't at the top of the Blog.  Thanks for reading!  /Linda


ANYONE who has painted at Liquid ART event should consider submitting one of your pieces to the BLAINE COUNTY FREE FAIR!  It's FREE!  Take your art to the Foley building at the fairgrounds on Thurs. Aug. 22 between 4:00 - 6:30 p.m.  Check out the fair catalog for categories, but I know we've done a landscape and a still life and something with flowers!  This is an opportunity to support the County Fair and promote Liquid ART!

Monday, August 12, 2013

WEEKEND at the Retreat

Thanks to all who came by to celebrate Linda's birthday with us.  It was great fun. We had a couple of surprise guests!  The weather was perfect for outdoor seating. 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BIG birthday!

Many who read this may think I'm silly, making a big deal out of a birthday.  If you knew the whole story you wouldn't think it so silly.  After a rough childhood, I met my knight in shining armor (Andy), and we successfully raised two great children to adulthood.  Since moving to Watonga OK, I've survived a heart attack, a stroke, a seizure disorder, harassment by employers, back-stabbing, and I'm still here to continue the fight.  I am blessed with a loving family, and many friends and acquaintances. I am blessed to have a little piece of paradise at the Chaparral Retreat where I can work the gardens and meet new people all the time.  Two things I know in my heart -- Watonga is where I'm supposed to be; and God has a plan for me even if I don't know what that is. I am just following a path and trying to stay on the right path.  So, here I am at a big milestone and I'm going to celebrate this life, gosh darn it. 

  OK, enough of that.  Andy continues to work on the Oven.  The cooking oven is actually finished, but he is now putting on a rock facing. 

I continue to work on finding just the right pizza dough recipe.  The hope is to be able to produce an edible pizza by the end of the month.  We may be calling local friends who are willing to be guinea pigs to come over and eat pizza -- I don't think I can eat that much pizza over the next month!!