Saturday, February 25, 2012

WOW! it's already mid-February. We've celebrated Andy's birthday, Drew's birthday,and Blake's birthday...and Valentine's Day. Today, Saturday, the weather is a pleasant temperature in the 50's but windy. I planted irises, naked lady bulbs, and daffodils last week and they are starting to come up through the dirt. We already have narcissus blooming from bulbs that have been in the grounds for years. That is definitely a sign that Spring is almost here. I'm watching for the crocus to come up--another positive sign. I checked the quince this morning and it doesn't have any buds on it yet, but it won't be long. This winter hasn't been too difficult except for the one major snowfall we had (and I slid off the road and into a ditch going to work that morning) a couple weeks ago. A very nice gentleman saw me in the bar ditch and came back to help me - drove my truck out of the ditch and I was then able to make it to work. I was so shook up that I didn't get his name, but I definitely owe him BIG THANKS. If he hadn't been so kind, I would have been stuck there for some time and not made it to work.

Even though it's winter, we've had several guests at the Retreat. And we hosted a Valentine's dinner event called "Bella Notte" on Feb. 14. We had 5 couples come and Brad Stinson from the local Whirlwind Winery brought and served various wines during the dinner. We served a delicious parsley pesto on toast, an antipasta plate with an assortment of veggies, cheeses, and salami. The main course was a choice of a red meat sauce, a vegetarian marinara, and grilled chicken with an alfredo sauce. Dessert was creme brulee with chocolate. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner and the fellow diners, and Andy and I enjoyed serving. Brad was a huge help, and I think he had a good time too!! His wine store (Whirlwind Winery) is open on Friday and Saturday afternoons, for wine tasting and purchasing your wine for the weekend. (A glass of wine is good for your heart! So my cardiologist tells me and I'm taking his advice!!!)
We're hoping to have a regular dinner offering in the coming months, so stay tuned to this blog and to Facebook (under Andrew Joe Barrett or Chaparral Retreat) for more information. We'd like to bring some different dining options to Watonga.
I know I don't like having to drive to OKC for a nice dinner!!!

Andy and I are deep into helping with various Chamber of Commerce events: the Trout Derby in March, and the FreeWheel Oklahoma event on June 12. More information on those events are available on the Chamber of Commerce website or at 580-623-5452. The Chamber is doing something different this year in the way of the Grand Prize: A backyard patio set and grill from Lowe's. We're trying to appeal not only to fisherman (with the boat) but also to Mom and Dad and families. I know I'm buying a couple of registrations to get my name into the hopper for the drawing, even though I don't fish.
OK, time has gotten away from me and I haven't been the best at keeping this blog up to date, but I'm not a winter person and I tend to hibernate this time of year. You can always check our Facebook pages for updates. And send emails to if you have any questions or want information you can't find on this blog! Come visit us anytime!!!